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Monday, April 22, 2019

Billy Gianna – Chicago

Billy Gianna took his last bite of a Butter Burger when he was impaled by 103 plastic straws driven into his body at the speed of sound. We mention Billy not only for the fact that his death was unusual, even for an atomic blast. He was killed by ten well placed plastic straws thrust into his body by a nuclear wind. He too stayed alive long enough to comprehend the pain and his own mortality.

Like Megan, he lasted close to a minute and looked on in fascination and revulsion at the ripped apart mess his body had become.

You see; Billy was an exercise nut, gym rat and tri-athlete. How his body looked, and how he could make it look better, consumed most of his waking hours and at least three hours a night of dreams. He exercised over four hours a day.

Now he looked in growing disgust at the bleeding pin cushion his body had become. To make matters worse, one straw drove deep into his right eye and through to his brain. While the other eye was awash in blood from three other straws that had dug gaping grooves in his scalp but failed to penetrate his skull.

Billy hated blood and, in particular, his own. He suffered from Hemophobia and usually fainted at the mere sight of blood. Unfortunately for him, he did not faint this time. It would have been a welcome end. Much more welcome than staring at more than a hundred plastic straws oozing and sometimes gushing blood while protruding from your body.

It was demonstratively less upsetting than having your lower half disintegrate before your eyes, but not by much.

Billy too would be remembered for a magazine spread. His was in Muscle and Fitness Magazine. Other than that, his life was almost a waste.

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